Counter Strike: Malvinas



The Falklands Conflict, recreated for Counter Strike


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Counter Strike: Malvinas is a new map for Counter Strike: Source, the version of the classic game from Valve which uses the Half-Life 2 graphics engine, that allows you to relive the Falkland Islands Conflict in a first-person shooter.

The map is developed from a fiercely patriotic perspective, where the Argentines take the role of police and the game starts in the Argentine Cemetery. Meanwhile, in the port area of Stanley, the British take the role of a terrorist group.

The map is a more or less life sized, covering all the main places of interest on the islands. Its size is similar to the CS_assault screen and even the design itself has certain similarities.

Counter Strike: Malvinas is a bit of a strange map for Counter Strike that will probably be loved by many Argentines, but maybe not so much by the British. In fact, the map does not even show any British flags "with all due respect, glory and honor to the fallen in Malvinas", or at least it is what the creators say.
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